Our Pewter Story
St. Peter’s Bay Craft & Giftware was started over 20 years ago as a pewter wholesale maker of everyday pewter jewelry. We also made pewter ornament as well as maritime Pewter ornaments which were sold to other gift shops throughout the maritime. Over the years, the giftware business jewelry dramatically changed, displacing the traditional local shops and the makers who serviced the industry. In an attempt to replace our wholesale pewter line, a new personalized golf product was created and launched under the brand Name Drop Personalized Professional Golf Markers. Launching the new product line required researching, designing the marker face, then re-designing a marker to make it user friendly, legal size, and keep it lightweight. Along the way, we added magnetization, user friendly Golf Hat Clips, Divot Repair tools, Golf Games Starters and an all new Personalized Golf Christmas Tree Ornament with a Personal Golf Bag Message. Name Drop Personalized Professional Golf Marker Products are sold in our Gift shop, on our website at progolfmarkers.com, Amazon, Etsy and 11 Fall Christmas Gift Shows in 11 Major Cities across Canada.
Our customers all tell us: Golfers ❤️This Gift.


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Personalized Golf Products Sold In Our Shop